Verborgenes Kirgisistan

Spektakuläre Natur und nomadische Traditionen in Zentralasien erleben

  • Traumhaftes Djety Oguz Tal
  • Wunderschöne Natur von Chong Kemin und Ala Archa
  • Felszeichnungen von Cholpon Ata
  • Spektakuläre Wildnis im Fergana Tal
  • Charmantes Karakol
  • Einblick in die traditionelle Nomadenkultur
  • Übernachtung in Jurten & kleinen Gästehäusern
  • Überblick
  • Leistungen
  • Reiseverlauf
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16 Tage Usbekistan · Kirgisistan

Wildnis Camping Anfragen

Diese abenteuerliche Reise führt uns weit entlang der Seidenstraße, auf einst Händler zwischen Europa und China reisten. Wir starten in Kirgistan, wo wir über die wilde Natur staunen. Wir reisen vorbei an der dramatisch zerklüftete Tian Shan-Bergkette, erkunden zu Fuss die beeindruckende Natur des Djety Oguz und des Chong Kemin Tals. Wir übernachten am malerische Song-Kul See in traditionellen Jurten und schlagen unsere Zelte in der unberührten Wildnis des Fergana Tals auf unserer Reise nach Usbekistan auf. Komm mit auf unsere langsame Reise durch die Region und genieße die Natur mit ihren spektakulären Berglandschaften, aber auch die Gastfreundschaft in der Heimat der Nomaden!

1. Tag: Bishkek
2-3. Tag: Bishkek - Chong Kemin Valley & Ala Archa Gorge
4. Tag: Cholpon Ata - Karakol
5-6. Tag: Jeti-Oguz Valley
7. Tag: Jeti-Oguz Valley - Kochkor
8-9. Tag: Song Köl Lake
10-12. Tag: Kyrgyz Fergana Valley
13. Tag: Arslanbob
14. Tag: Arslanbob - Fergana
15. Tag: Fergana - Tashkent
16. Tag: Tashkent

Leistungen enthalten

  • Zentralasien Overlandtour gemäß Programm
  • Transporte, Unterkünfte und Mahlzeiten gemäß Programm
  • Ausflüge, Aktivitäten und Besichtigungen gemäß Reiseverlauf

Leistungen nicht enthalten

  • Nicht genannte Mahlzeiten und Getränke
  • Optionale Ausflüge und Aktivitäten
  • Persönliche Ausgaben, Trinkgelder
  • Local Payment (vor Ort zahlbarer Teil des Reisepreises)


2x Mittelklasse-Hotel
5x Wildniscamp
2x Standard-Hotel
2x Campingplatz
2x Gästehaus
2x Jurte
Die Unterbringung erfolgt in Zwei-/Mehrbettzimmern sowie in Zwei-Personen-Zelten. Alleinreisende werden mit einem/einer Mitreisenden gleichen Geschlechts untergebracht. Die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer/-zelt ist bei dieser Tour nicht möglich.
Das Wildcamping findet ohne sanitäre Einrichtungen statt. Für das Camping wird ein eigener Schlafsack benötigt.


7x Frühstück, 7x Mittagessen, 7x Abendessen
Alle Mahlzeiten während des Campings inklusive. Weitere Mahlzeiten sind nicht enthalten. Dies soll dir die größtmögliche Flexibilität bei der Wahl der Mahlzeiten und die Möglichkeit geben die einheimische Küche des bereisten Landes kennenzulernen. Bitte plane umgerechnet etwa EUR 440 (USD 500) für nicht enthaltene Mahlzeiten ein.


2 englischsprachige Crewmitglieder, lokale Führer


Overland-Truck, Jeep, öffentlicher Bus

Zusätzliche Übernachtungen

Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne!


Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne!

1. Tag: Bishkek

There will be a pre-departure meeting at 10:00am - please look out for a note from your leader at the reception of the joining hotel upon arrival with more details about this important meeting. Your leader will need to carefully check your visas at this initial meeting.

The rest of the day is free for you to explore this relaxed and atmospheric city.

Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Bishkek before the start of your trip with us - please contact us if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Bishkek.

In Bishkek we will stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities.

About Bishkek:
Bishkek is the relaxed capital of Kyrgyzstan, and it has a pleasant laid-back atmosphere. The city centres around Ala-too Square, previously known as Lenin's Square under the previous Soviet regime. Lenin used to stand in his concrete overcoat in the middle of the square, proudly gesturing towards the mountains. A pleasant place to watch the world go by is Dubovy (Oak) Park, where you'lll find a few open air cafes, a perfect spot to sit and have a drink and soak up the atmosphere. The centuries-old oaks here and all along Freedom Avenue make Bishkek one of the greenest cities in Central Asia.

Optional activities:
- Freely explore the vast Osh Bazaar, Bishkek's largest market
- Explore Bishkek's past at the State Historical Museum on Ala-Too Square - KGS 150

Unterkunft: Asia Mountains Hotel

2-3. Tag: Bishkek - Chong Kemin Valley & Ala Archa Gorge

The next 2 days will need to be fairly flexible. Many of the group will apply for Uzbekistan visas in Bishkek. However, the Uzbek Embassy opening times will often vary and therefore our itinerary will need to remain flexible over the next 2 days to accommodate this.

As a general guide, we will most likely spend our first night camping in stunning mountainous Ala Archa National Park near to Bishkek. We will then return to Bishkek on the following day in order to submit our visa applications. Once this is process is complete we will continue to Chong Kemin National Park, where we will have free time to explore and hike in this beautiful area, or to get involved in an optional white water rafting excursion if time allows.

In Chong Kemin and Ala Archa we will wild camp. If it is too cold or simply preferred by the group, we may choose to camp in the grounds of a guesthouse in Ashu, a village in the Chong Kemin valley, where there could be the possibility to upgrade to rooms.

About Ala Archa:
Ala Archa means "bright juniper", and indeed there are juniper bushes growing all through this beautiful gorge. The alpine area is stunning, and is abundant with wild flowers, bubbling mountain streams, glaciers and vast mountain panoramas. The gorge itself is 35kms long, and the surrounding mountains are massive and home to some of the largest glaciers in all of Kyrgyzstan. The park is also an important habitat for all kinds of wildlife, including marmots, badgers, hares, foxes, wolves, lynx, and wild goats.

About Chong Kemin Valley:
The Chong Kemin Valley lies within the Tian Shan mountain range separating Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The towering peaks of the Tian Shan range reach above 7,000m along their rugged run towards China. This spectacular valley is famed for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife and rich, varied flora. The valley offers several trekking possibilities along the Chong Kemin River, and recently white water rafting has become a popular activity for visitors in the area - exploring this stunning valley on horseback is also a great option.
Included activity:Get off the beaten track with 3 nights wild camping and a leisurely overland journey through the stunning mountains and National Parks of Kyrgyzstan

Optional activities:
- Explore the beautiful Chong Kemin valley on horseback - KGS 300
- Head out on a white-water rafting adventure through the stunning Chong Kemin valley - KGS 1800
- Walk around the incredible scenery of the Chong Kemin valley - Free
- Hiking in the beauty of Ala Archa Gorge - Free

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Get off the beaten track with 3 nights wild camping and a leisurely overland journey through the stunning mountains and National Parks of Kyrgyzstan

Fahrzeit: ca. 5 Std.

Unterkunft: Wildniscamp

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 2x Mittagessen, 2x Abendessen

4. Tag: Cholpon Ata - Karakol

Today we will drive to the northern shore of Lake Issyk Köl and visit the ancient petroglyphs at Cholpon Ata. We will then continue to the Russian-style town of Karakol, where we will have a free evening to explore and relax!

In Karakol we will stay in a decent local hotel.

About Cholpon Ata:
Issyk Köl Lake is one of the biggest natural water reservoirs in the world, at 170 km long and 70kms wide. Issyk Köl means "warm lake" in the local language, and a combination of extreme depth, thermal activity and mild salinity means the lake never freezes. On the shores of the lake is the small town of Cholpon Ata, a favourite holiday spot with the locals. The area has a number of health resorts and spas and there are also some interesting rock inscriptions and petroglyphs dating back to 500 BCE close nearby.

About Karakol:
Originally a Russian military outpost built in 1869, Karakol quickly grew in the 19th Century as explorers arrived to map the mountains and valleys of the area, and Chinese Muslims fled warfare in China. For many years the town was names Przhevalsk, in honour of a Russian explorer who died there in the 1880s, but has been known as Karakol since independence.
Karakol is a picturesque town surrounded by orchards and mountains, with a delightful Russian church and gracious colonial houses on tree-lined streets sloping up towards glaciers and pine forests.

Fahrzeit: ca. 6 Std.

Unterkunft: Standard-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

5-6. Tag: Jeti-Oguz Valley

Today we drive up into the mountains to the alpine trekking region of Jeti Oguz.
The next day we will have a free day to hike in the incredible scenery here, or take an optional horse ride with some of the local nomads!

In Jeti Oguz we will camp close to a local family yurt.

Please note that on trips in the low season we may not be able to camp in Jeti Oguz due to low temperatures. If this is the case, we will take a stunning and incredible drive up a mountain in a Russian 4x4 truck to Altyn Arashan, a hot spring development in a stunning alpine setting, staying in dormitory accommodation. We will then stay for 1 night in a local hotel at the base of Jeti Oguz Valley (allowing time for some day walks).

About Jeti Oguz Valley:
Seven spectacular red sandstone cliffs stand guard over the entrance to the Jeti Oguz Valley. Local tradition says that the cliffs were once wild bulls, immobilised by the gods to stop them terrorising local yurt dwellers. The base of this stunning canyon lies on the northern slopes of the Terskei Ala-Too range, surrounded by a broad valley and majestic snow-capped mountains. The valley is a fantastic place for camping and hiking - by exploring the valleys and canyon by foot you'll be able to admire the unusual rock formations and alpine peaks

Optional Activities:
- Explore the incredible mountain landscapes of the Jeti Oguz Valley by horseback - KGS 800

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Trek into the wilds of the Jeti-Oghuz Gorge on the edge of the Tian Shan mountains

Fahrzeit: ca. 4 Std.

Unterkunft: Camping

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 2x Mittagessen, 2x Abendessen

7. Tag: Jeti-Oguz Valley - Kochkor

Today we drive to the small village of Kochkor, where we stay in local family-run guesthouses and enjoy traditional Kyrgyz hospitality! En route we will have an included demonstation from a local 'eagle hunter'.

Whilst here we will visit a small museum and women's felt making cooperative that produces 'shyrdaks', the felt carpets for which Kyrgyzstan is renowned. We may also have the opportunity here to see some excellent local musicians playing traditional Kyrgyz folk music and to see how a yurt is put up!

In Kochkor we will stay in family-run guesthouses, accommodating up to 8 guests in each home.

About Kochkor:
Kochkor is a sleepy little Kyrgyz village and looks very much like the paintings of traditional Kyrgyz life seen in various museums and art galleries throughout the country. Here we will stay with a traditional Kyrgyz family, living with them and finding out about their daily life, food and family patterns. The Kyrgyz have embraced Responsible Tourism and actively encourage travellers to stay in the homes of local people. There is an excellent local animal market and a traditional felt making enterprise which we usually visit. Here they make a variety of the different felts used for making yurts, rugs, carpets and souvenirs.

Optional Activities:
- Visit a folklore demonstration near Kockhor where you can learn all about the handicrafts of the area, see a fantastic outdoor concert of traditional music and help to erect a yurt! - KGS 1000

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
- Overnight homestay at a traditional rural Kyrgyz village
- See the traditional felt workshops or Kochkor and learn about how Kyrgyz carpets and hats are typically made here
- See an incredible demonstration from a traditional eagle hunter near Kochkor

Fahrzeit: ca. 5 Std.

Unterkunft: Gästehaus

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

8-9. Tag: Song Köl Lake

Today we will drive to the incredible Song Köl Lake, where we will spend the next two nights.

We will have free time here to explore the area, and to enjoy some optional activities including hiking or horse-riding!

At Song Köl we will stay in traditional felt yurts.

Please note that trips during the low season will not be able to visit Song Köl Lake, as temperatures will be below freezing, the road will be snowed over, and there will be no yurts to stay in! Instead we will likely stay in yurts on the southern shore of Lake Issyk Köl.

About Song Köl Lake:
Song Köl lake is one of the most spectacular spots in central Kyrgyzstan. All around the lake are lush pastures favoured by local nomadic herders, who come here in the summer with their animals.
On our overland trips we spend a couple of days staying in traditional felt yurts, learning about the local culture and traditions. We might get to see the local men play a game of "Ulak-Tartys" (goat polo) or have a chance to ride out with the shepherds on their small hardy ponies, or you might prefer to explore the surrounding area on foot and trek in the nearby hills.
Song Köl really is a sublime and unique spot, it is a truly magical place where you are guaranteed to have travel experiences that you will never forget.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Experience the daily life of the Kyrgyz mountain shepherds

Fahrzeit: ca. 7 Std.

Unterkunft: Jurte

10-12. Tag: Kyrgyz Fergana Valley

We will spend the next 3 days overlanding through the stunning and remote Kyrgyz Fergana Valley, stopping often to admire the views and perhaps take some impromptu hikes in the hills and countryside.

During these days we plan to wild camp en route. Please note that trips running in low season (May to mid-June and October to November), we may not be able to camp if temperatures are too low, in which case we will stay in local guesthouses along the route instead.

Estimated Drive Times - 4-8 hours each day.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Get off the beaten track with 3 nights wild camping and a leisurely overland journey through the stunning mountains and National Parks of Kyrgyzstan

Fahrzeit: ca. 8 Std.

Unterkunft: Wildniscamp

Verpflegung: 2x Frühstück, 3x Mittagessen, 3x Abendessen

13. Tag: Arslanbob

Today we will complete our drive to Arslanbob in Kyrgyzstan's Fergana Valley - if we have had a slow journey in the previous days with lots of stops, we may choose to stay in the closer town of Jalalabad instead.

In Arslanbob we will stay overnight in a local family-run guesthouse.

Fahrzeit: ca. 7 Std.

Unterkunft: Gästehaus

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

14. Tag: Arslanbob - Fergana

Today we will have a full day's drive across the Uzbek border to the eastern city of Fergana.

In Fergana we will stay in a basic local hotel.

About Fergana Valley:
A stunning corner of Uzbekistan dominated by the rolling mountains near the Kamchik Pass, the Fergana Valley is one of the most scenic drives on our route though Central Asia. The Palace of Khudayar Khan is an or nate palace from the 1870s built bu the last leader of the Kokand Khanate.

About Fergana City:
Similar to the Uzbek capital Tashkent, Fergana isa modern city, far-removed from the ancient Silk Road cities of Bukhara and Samarkand. The town is located in the Fergana Valley, a broad bowl thousands of kilometres wide surrounded by far off mountain peaks. Nearly 90% of people who live here are indigenous Uzbek's and the communities here are typically very welcoming and hosptiable. A very fertile area, the land is highly cultivated and used to produce fruitand vegetables and cotton. The textile industry thrives here and there are some exceptional crafts people weaving beautiful fabrics. It may be possible for you to visit a local factory or workshop where you will be able to see how silk and other fabrics are still hand-woven and dyed here.

Optional Activities:
- Explore the impressive 19th-century Juma Mosque in Kokand in the stunning Fergana Valley - UZS 17500

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
See the silk-weavers of the Fergana Valley at the Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Fahrzeit: ca. 5 Std.

Unterkunft: Standard-Hotel

15. Tag: Fergana - Tashkent

This morning we travel in local transport to Kokand, where we will have the oppurtunity to visit the Khudayar Khan's Palace and the nearby Margilan Silk Factory before completing the journey over the Kamchik Pass to Tashkent, the Uzbek capital.

The truck must pass over the Kamchik Pass without passengers and will rejoin us this evening in Tashkent.

In Tashkent we will stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities.

About Tashkent:
Whilst the historic cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva still retain much of the atmosphere of the ancient Khanates, Tashkent is very definitely a Soviet city, because old Tashkent was largely destroyed by a series of earthquakes and Soviet planners. Having said that, it is still a great place to visit - the city has a clean, modern feel and there is some unusal contemporary architecture here, which makes it an interesting contrast to many other places along the Silk Road.

Fahrzeit: ca. 6 Std.

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

16. Tag: Tashkent

Today is the end day for passengers finishing their trip in Tashkent. Please note there is no accommodation included on the trip tonight - please contact the us if you are interested in booking extra nights of accommodation in order to fully explore and take part in some of the optional activities listed below.

Optional Activities:
- Explore urbane Tashkent and experience a surreal cabaret dinner - Free
- Visit the nightclubs and Imperial Russian-style cabaret restaurants of Tashkent - Free
- Visit the religious centre of Tashkent at Hast Imam Square and see the Uthman Koran, believed to be the world's oldest extant copy of the Koran - USD 5

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