Highlights von Belize Belize · Guatemala

Highlights von Belize

  • Geheimnisvolle Cahal Pech Ruinen bei San Ignacio
  • Entspannung an den Stränden von Caye Caulker
  • Ruinen von Tikal - bedeutende Stadt der Maya
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  • Leistungen
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8 Tage Belize · Guatemala

ab  850 € Anfragen oder buchen

Atemberaubende Maya-Stätten und das karibische Paradies von Caye Caulker werden dich verzaubern. Entdecke auf dieser Rundreise die Naturschönheiten und kulturellen Schätze von Belize. Dieses entspannte Paradies ist voll gepackt mit üppigen Dschungel, spektakulären Ruinen, langen Sandstränden und erstklassigen Tauchplätzen. Du reist vom geschäftigen Belize City zu den im Dschungel versteckten Tikal Ruinen und weiter zu den Stränden des Inselparadieses Caye Caulker. Die Maya-Ruinen von Cahal Pech sowie zahlreiche Abenteuer- und Freizeitaktivitäten runden dein Abenteuer durch das Herz Mittelamerikas ab. Entdecke das Beste von Belize auf dieser Abenteuertour!

1. Tag: Belize City
2.-3. Tag: San Ignacio
4. Tag: Tikal
5.-8. Tag: Caye Caulker

Leistungen enthalten

  • Belize Rundreise gemäß Programm
  • Transporte, Unterkunft und Mahlzeiten wie angegeben
  • Besichtigungen, Ausflüge und Aktivitäten wie beschrieben:
    • San Ignacio: Cahal Pech Ruinen
    • Eintritt Tikal Nationalpark

Leistungen nicht enthalten

  • Internationale Flüge (gerne über uns buchbar)
  • Nicht genannte Mahlzeiten und Getränke
  • Optionale Ausflüge und Aktivitäten
  • Flughafentransfers
  • Persönliche Ausgaben, Trinkgelder
  • Reiseversicherung
  • Visa


6x Mittelklasse-Hotel
1x Camping

Die Unterbringung erfolgt in Doppelzimmer. Gegen Aufpreis kann auch ein Einzelzimmer gebucht werden (vorbehaltlich Verfügbarkeit, Aufpreis bitte anfragen).


Keine Mahlzeiten enthalten.

Bitte plane etwa US$ 300 für nicht enthaltene Mahlzeiten ein.


Englischsprachige Reiseleitung

Hinter jeder Reise steht ein großartiger Reiseleiter. Der Enthusiasmus und das fast unschlagbare Wissen unserer einheimischen und englischsprachigen Reiseleiter werden deine Reise unvergesslich machen. Mit Rat und Tat stehen sie den Reisenden zur Seite. Vom Anfang bis zum Ende der Tour sind sie vor Ort für die Gruppe da, wissen nicht nur, in welchen Restaurants man gut isst und wo die besten Shops zu finden sind, sondern zeigen dein Reisenden mit Kompetenz und voller Begeisterung ihre Heimat.


Öffentliche / gemietete Busse, Minibus, Boot

Zusätzliche Übernachtungen

Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne!


Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne!
Day 1: Belize City
Hello! Welcome to Belize.
Your adventure begins with a Welcome Meeting at 6pm on Day 1.
Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask the hotel reception where it will take place. If you can't arrange a flight that will arrive in time, you may wish to arrive a day early so you're able to attend. We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability). If you're going to be late, please inform the hotel reception. We'll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting, so please ensure you have all these details to provide to your leader.
Located where the Belize River meets the Caribbean Sea, this bustling former capital is full of history and culture.
Belize City isn't the nicest place we visit in Central America but it is the best option available for the starting point of this tour. Like any big city in this region, Belize City has some issues with street crime and we advise visitors to take every precaution when you're outside the hotel. Don't take any valuables when you go out and keep your camera safe. At night, always try to go out in a group and stay on the main streets.
The area around our hotel is the safest in the city - it's often called the tourist village. You can walk to the nearby lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful sea views. If you have some extra time and want to explore the city further we recommend you take a taxi, even when travelling relatively short distances. You can organise for a taxi to pick you up at the hotel and wait for you at each stop. This might be a little more expensive but it's safer and you can make the most of your time in the city.
There are some interesting places to visit. Belize City is divided by the world's only remaining manual swing bridge. On the north side is the coastal and maritime museum, housed in the beautiful restored former fire station. Also in the north is the Image Factory, displaying contemporary Belizean artists, and the National Handicraft Centre. The oldest Anglican church in Central America, St John Cathedral, was built in 1812 with bricks brought as ballast in European sailing ships. Opposite is Government House, a preserved colonial mansion.
Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America, which will make chatting with locals much easier. The Belizeans are known for their relaxed and easy going way of live. You will be amazed how many different cultures coexist harmoniously here.

Accommodation: Hotel

Days 2-3: San Ignacio
Catch a local bus to San Ignacio (approx. 3 hrs) where your leader will take you on a visit to the Cahal Pech ruins.These ruins were once a major Maya ceremonial centre, standing tall on a hill overlooking San Ignacio.
You have a free day to take on any of the many optional activities available.

One of the optional activities here is a day trip to Xunantunich, an impressive Mayan ceremonial centre located with panoramic views over the countryside. The east side of one of the temples has a unique stucco frieze and the central plaza has three carved stelae. Getting to the site is half the fun as you'll need to take a hand-cranked ferry to cross the river.

The cave of Actun Tunichil Muknal is a living museum of Mayan relics. Wade through water until you reach the Mayan ceremonial site. Here you will find ceramic pots and crystallised skeletons, preserved by the natural processes of the cave for over 1,400 years.

Other options to fill in your time in San Ignacio include a day trip to the Mountain Pine Ridge area to visit waterfalls and warm swimming holes, as well as a huge cave system, the butterfly garden, canoeing or river tubing.

Included Activities:
- San Ignacio - Cahal Pech Ruins

Optional Activities:

- San Ignacio - Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave - inc. transport, guide and lunch) - USD95
- San Ignacio - Xunantunich Ruins - USD10
- San Ignacio - River tubing - USD95
- San Ignacio - Mountain Pine Ridge day trip (inc. transport and guide) - USD80
- San Ignacio - Butterfly Farm - USD10
- San Ignacio - Caracol Ruins (inc. transport and guide) - USD80
- San Ignacio - Barton Creek canoe trip - USD80
- San Ignacio - Barton Creek Cave day trip - USD80
- San Ignacio - Yaxha ruins complex (transport, lunch and guide) - USD80
- San Ignacio - Iguana Conservation Project - USD9
- San Ignacio - Bicycle rental (per hour) - USD4

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 4: Tikal
We travel by local bus (approx. 4 hours) to Tikal, our base for exploring Tikal National Park.
Towering above the jungle of the Tikal National Park, the five granite temples of Tikal are an awesome sight and one of the most magnificent Maya ruins. Hidden in the jungle growth is a maze of smaller structures just waiting to be explored. The energetic can climb to the top of the ruins for spectacular views over the canopy. You may even spot toucans, macaws and other colourful birds.
Tonight we camp by this majestic Mayan site. We will set up tents for ourselves with sleeping mattresses. The weather will be warm so sleeping bags will not be required although you may like to bring a sleeping bag liner or sheet. There are basic shared bathrooms and showers.

Included Activities:
- Tikal National Park - Entrance

Accommodation: Camping (with basic facilities)

Days 5-8: Caye Caulker
If you haven't had enough of Tikal you have the option to visit the site again this morning (entrance fee not included).
We then travel by local bus to Belize City (approx. 6 hours depending on border crossing conditions) where we board a water taxi to Caye Caulker.
The Belize Cayes are a group of islands a short boat ride away from the coast. There are a number of these islands to choose from, but we base ourselves on Caye Caulker as this is one of the more popular islands with travellers. From here it is possible to arrange day trips to other Cayes, to the best reefs for diving, or simply to take a local boat out to the reef of Caulker itself. Each island has its own particular character, but all of them have the unmistakeable Caribbean pace and charm.
Relax on the beach or head out to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, home to the magnificent Blue Hole and the world's second longest barrier reef. Snorkel among the colorful corals and see tropical fish, sharks and manta rays. You could also choose to go manatee spotting. These huge peaceful creatures are often called sea cows and are quite curious to meet their visitors.
If you're interested in sampling local cuisine, Caye Caulker is famous for its lobster. Not the cheapest meal you'll ever buy, but so good. Always make sure that you respect the season: the lobsters can only be caught between June 15th and February 15th. Some of the best meals on the island are cooked on the road side. How about some grilled shrimp and a lovely rum and coke made with the local fire water? In the evenings you should look out for the world famous 'Jolly Roger' - an Icon on the island, he has some of the best street food out here...enjoy your meal. There is also 'cake lady' who comes out every afternoon with a trolley-full of freshly baked cakes for sale.
On the last day we take a water taxi ride to Belize City (approx. 45 minutes). You can depart any time after 12pm (midday) as there are no other planned activities for the day. Please ask your tour leader If you need any assistance arranging extra transport to the airport. If you would like to stay longer, we can book your post-tour accommodation at our hotel in either Caye Caulker or Belize City if required.

Optional Activities:
- Caye Caulker - Guided snorkelling trip (full day) - USD70
- Caye Caulker - Guided snorkelling trip (half day) - USD35
- Caye Caulker - Sunset sail - USD37
- Caye Caulker - Manatee tour - USD60
- Caye Caulker - Sea kayaking (half day) - USD25
- Caye Caulker - Stand up paddle board rental (per hour) - USD22
- Caye Caulker - Bike rental (per day) - USD15

Accommodation: Hotel
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