The Road to Kathmandu Nepal · Indien

The Road to Kathmandu

  • Erlebnisreise von Delhi nach Kathmandu
  • Tordi Garh - Indisches Landleben
  • Jaipur - Pink City erkunden
  • Taj Mahal - das Wahrzeichen Indiens
  • Varanasi & Bootstour auf dem Ganges
  • Wildnis im Chitwan Nationalpark
  • Überblick
  • Leistungen
  • Reiseverlauf
  • Termine & Preise
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13 Tage Nepal · Indien

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Mach dich auf zu einer abenteuerlichen Reise durch Indien und Nepal. Mit Bus, Boot, Rikscha, Bahn und Taxi erkunden wir die lebendigen Länder. Unsere Abenteuerreise startet im geschäftigen Delhi und wir begeben uns direkt in eine Region des kompletten Kontrasts - das ländliche Tordi Garh. Bestaune die Tempelruinen und begegne den freundlichen Bewohnern. Erkunde die Paläste und Tempel der rosaroten Stadt Jaipur und lass die Kulisse des Taj Mahal auf dich wirken: ehrfurchtsvoll ragen die von Menschenhand erbauten riesigen Mauern des Monuments vor dir empor. Wir besuchen Varanasi, die wichtigste Stätte für Hindu-Pilger und unternehmen eine Bootstour auf dem heiligen Ganges. In Nepal lernen wir den Geburtsort Buddhas in Lumbini kennen. Den Chitwan Nationalpark kannst du bei einer Jeeptour oder im Kanu erkunden und mit etwas Glück Panzernashörner, Leoparden und Tigern begegnen. Die sagenhafte Aussicht auf die Himalaya-Bergkette in Pokhara wird dich begeistern, bevor wir Kathmandu erreichen.

1. Tag: Delhi
2. Tag: Tordi Garh
3.-4. Tag: Jaipur
5.-6. Tag: Agra
7.-8. Tag: Varanasi
9. Tag: Lumbini
10.-11. Tag: Chitwan Nationalpark
12.-13. Tag: Kathmandu

Leistungen enthalten

  • Indien und Nepal Rundreise gemäß Programm
  • alle Transporte wie angegeben
  • Ausflüge, Aktivitäten und Besichtigungen inkl. Eintrittsgebühren wie im Reiseverlauf beschrieben:
    • Eintrittsgebühr Chitwan Nationalpark
    • Lumbini Heritage Park
    • Varanasi Stadtbesichtigung
    • Bootstour auf dem Ganges zu Sonnenaufgang
    • Besuch des Taj Mahal in Agra
    • Amber Fort in Jaipur und Stadtrundgang
    • Hawa Mahal Fotostopp in Jaipur

Leistungen nicht enthalten

  • Internationale Flüge (gerne über uns buchbar)
  • nicht genannte Mahlzeiten und Getränke
  • persönliche Ausgaben, Trinkgeld
  • optionale Aktivitäten und Ausflüge
  • Visum Nepal und Indien
  • Flughafentransfers
  • Reiseversicherung


6x Hotel
2x Lodge
3x historisches Heritage-Hotel
1x Nachtzug

Die Unterbringung erfolgt im halben Doppelzimmer (Mehrbettzimmer gelegentlich möglich). Alleinreisende teilen sich das Zimmer mit einem/einer Mitreisenden des gleichen Geschlechts. Gegen Aufpreis ist die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer buchbar (außer im Nachtzug).
Einzelzimmer-Zuschlag: 240 Euro


1x Abendessen


Englischsprachiger Reiseleiter und örtliche Reiseführer bei einigen Sehenswürdigkeiten


Rikscha, Taxi, Öffentliche / gemietete Busse, Boot, Bahn

Zusätzliche Übernachtungen

Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne.


Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne.
Day 1: New Delhi
This Himalaya adventure kicks things off in Delhi. Before your Welcome Meeting this evening at 6pm today, wander the streets, sip on your first chai and try to decipher that famous Indian head wobble. Does it mean yes? Does it mean no? And why aren’t they saying anything? Mull it over with your new travel mates at an optional group meal in the evening.

Optional Activities:

Culture Vulture Delhi Adventure - INR2500
Delhi - City Food Crawl - INR3500
Delhi - Gandhi's Delhi - INR2500
Delhi - Humayun's Tomb - INR500
Delhi - Qutub Minar - INR500
Delhi - Red Fort - INR500
Delhi - Home-Cooked Experience - INR4000

Day 2: Tordi Garh

Keep this one quiet. Your next destination takes a bit of work to get to, but that’s because it’s our little secret! You will journey through picturesque countryside by train, first to Jaipur and then onwards by private vehicle to Tordi (approximately 7 hours). Tordi is a remote, rarely visited village. The real Rajasthan. We stumbled across this tiny village years ago, and everyone loved it so much we put it on the itinerary. The kids will adore you, the locals will feed you and you'll sleep in a 16th century palace with its owner as your host. As you take a walk around the village you might think it's polite to let the local kids beat you at cricket. Don't bother. They're ruthless, bloodthirsty and out to win. Lick your wounds on a walk to the ruined temple and fortress.

Meals Included: Dinner

Day 3: Jaipur
Head off for Jaipur (approximately 2.5 hours). Your free time here in the friendly, busy ‘Pink City’ is perfect for haggling to your heart's content, the bazaars and backstreets filled with textiles, precious and semi-precious gems, and blue pottery. You can also drop by one of India’s finest palaces – the Royal City Palace – where the guards’ moustaches are almost as impressive as the building itself. You can also hit the streets for raj kachori chaat – a big fluffy chaat served with chutney, yoghurt, chilli and potato. Then cool off with a lassi from Lassiwala on MI road, Jaipur's oldest and most famous lassi shop.

Included Activities:
Jaipur - Walking Tour

Optional Activities:

Jaipur - City Palace - INR400

Day 4: Jaipur
For anyone that wants to see the Pink City a bit differently this morning there’s the option to drift high over Jaipur in a hot air balloon, a highlight for many visitors. For more information please see the important notes section of your trip notes. Later in the morning you’ll drop by Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds), the impressive five-storey façade with pink, honeycombed windows making it the most photographed building in the country after Taj Mahal. Then it’s out to the old capital of Amber and an exploration of the hilltop fort complex known as the Amber Fort. The rest of the day is free for you to use as you like.

Included Activities:

Jaipur - Amber Fort
Jaipur - Hawa Mahal photo stop

Day 5: Agra
Say hi to the locals as you join them on a public bus to Agra today (approximately 5 hours). Agra might not be the prettiest city in the world, but the minute you check out its top-notch sites that won’t matter one bit.

Included Activities:
Agra - Taj Mahal

Day 6: Agra
This is a bucket-list day. For some reason local families find it more interesting to take photos of you than the actual Taj Mahal. But none of it matters, you'll be too busy standing there with your mouth gaping open to notice. If you’ve got the energy there’s the option to head out to Agra Fort and stroll the palatial gardens of this red sandstone stronghold with cheeky monkeys in tow. Next stop Varanasi! Tonight it’s time for a unique slice of Indian life aboard an overnight sleeper train (approximately 12 hours).

Day 7: Varanasi

Alight in one of holiest cities around, the ultimate destination for Hindu pilgrims who travel from far and wide to experience this spiritual city. Overflowing with temples, shrines and devotees, Varanasi might not be one of the world's cleanest cities but there’s no doubt it’s one of the most amazing. Maybe take the chance the chance to perfect your yoga in this most chakra-balancing of places.

Day 8: Varanasi
Today’s an early start, but it’s totally worth it as you take a boat ride on the Ganges at sunrise. Even if you're not the spiritual sort, you can't help but get goosebumps. You’ll pass the many ghats (stairs leading to the water) and temples along the river, and watch thousands of Hindu pilgrims cleanse their sins in the holy water. Then you’ll set off by auto rickshaw to visit the oldest part of the city, with its maze of narrow alleyways packed full of small shops, stalls and huge, lumbering cows. See pilgrims performing rituals and ceremonies unchanged for hundreds of years and pass temples full of bell chimes and the smell of incense.

Included Activities:
Varanasi - Sunrise Boat cruise
Varanasi - Old City Walking Tour

Day 9: India/Nepal Border Crossing - Lumbini
Today it’s wave goodbye and say Namaste, as you leave India and travel to the border (cross at Sunauli border crossing) and then into Nepal and the town of Lumbini. That means it’s time to charge up your music and fish out your book as there’s a long day of travelling ahead (approximately 8-10 hours including stops). This is no ordinary border town, but the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and one of his four holy places of pilgrimage. You’ll check out the beautiful Ashoka Pillars and hop on cycle rickshaws to the Maya Devi Temple, the actual site where Lord Buddha is thought to have been born. Today you'll bunk down in a jungle camp for the night.

Included Activities:
Lumbini Heritage Park

Day 10: Chitwan National Park

Take off you religious hat and pop on your safari one as you drive to Chitwan National Park by private vehicle (approximately 5 hours). UNESCO (who know at thing or two about this kind of stuff) declared it a World Heritage site in 1984, and it offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Asia. Kind of the Jungle Book come to life, there's rhino, deer, monkeys and a wide array of birdlife including the infamous Nepalese wild chickens all here.

Day 11: Chitwan National Park
This morning you’ll hop aboard a jeep and take a safari drive through Chitwan National Park. If you’re a very lucky person then you might catch a glimpse of one of the 100-or-so Bengal Tigers that call the park home. There are also a number of optional activities available through your accommodation, including biking, bird watching, cultural performances, canoe rides and village tours.

Special Information:
Elephant Performances & Elephant Riding: While we respect each individual’s decisions while travelling, we do not include elephant rides or unnatural performance activities on any itinerary, and we recommend you bypass these activities should they be offered to you during your stay. Professional wildlife conservation and animal welfare organisations, including the World Animal Protection (formerly the World Society for protection of Animals) advise that contrary to common belief, captive elephants remain wild animals and despite good intentions, unfortunately many venues are unable to provide the appropriate living conditions elephants require and this ultimately impacts their well-being. While there is some merit in the argument that the money that you pay for the activity goes towards keeping the elephants and their mahouts employed, we know that it also fuels demand for elephants to be captured in the wild or captive bred. We thank you for your support in improving the welfare.

Day 12: Kathmandu
On to your final destination of the Nepalese patchouli–scented capital, Kathmandu (approximately 7 hours). Maybe book in for a massage or a yoga session when you get there to ease those body kinks. With the rest of your free time, perhaps visit the giant Buddhist Stupa at Bodnath, head out into the narrow streets – home to holy men, monks, bicycles, and sacred cows – and buy last-minute souvenirs or chill out with cool drink. Why not goodbye to your new travelling pals over one last dinner.

Optional Activities:
Kathmandu - Early Morning Everest Scenic Flight - USD220
Kathmandu - Durbar Square - NPR1000
Kathmandu - Swayambhunath Temple - NPR200

Day 13: Kathmandu
Your trip ends after breakfast. Check out the great range of Adventures on offer in Kathmandu.

Optional Activities:
Kathmandu - Rickshaw Night Explorer - USD68
Kathmandu - Path to a Hidden Monastery - USD57
Kathmandu - Kathmandu by Bike - USD100
Kathmandu - Spiritual Nepal Adventure - USD80
Kathmandu - Kathmandu Living Urban Adventure - USD66
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