Israel kulinarisch entdecken Israel

Israel kulinarisch entdecken

  • Weinverkostung in Zichron Yaakov
  • Spazieren Sie über den Basar in Akko
  • Schwingen Sie den Kochlöffel bei einem Kochkurs
  • Besuch einer Tahini-Fabrik
  • Bewegende Geschichte im Holocaust-Museum
  • Auf den Spuren Jesu in Bethlehem
  • Kosten Sie Israels Nationalgericht "Falafel"
  • Nehmen Sie ein Bad im Toten Meer
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9 Tage Israel

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Israelische Küche? Hier wird heute gekocht wie schon seit Generationen, als Einwanderer aller Nationen ihre Rezepte aus der Heimat mitgebracht haben. So probieren Sie beispielsweise in Tel Aviv nordafrikanische Gerichte beim Sternekoch Dr. Shakshuka, ehe Sie in Haifa jemenitische Speisen kosten. Arabische "Knafeh", wie die gefüllten Teigtaschen heißen, und "Falafel", in schwimmendem Fett gebratene Humusbällchen, dürfen auf Jerusalems Speisekarten nicht fehlen. Neben all den kulinarischen Verführungen bietet Israel eine Vielfalt an historischen, archäologischen und religiösen Stätten, die Sie in Ihren Bann ziehen. Shalom!

Tag 1: Tel Aviv
Tag 2: Haifa
Tag 3-4: Tiberias
Tag 5: Nablus
Tag 6-7: Jerusalem
Tag 8: Bethlehem
Tag 9: Jerusalem

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6x Hotel
2x Gästehaus

Die Unterbringung erfolgt in Doppel- und ggf. Mehrbettzimmern. Alleinreisende teilen sich das Zimmer mit Mitreisenden gleichen Geschlechts. Die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer ist nicht möglich.


8x Frühstück
4x Mittagessen
1x Abendessen

Weitere Mahlzeiten sind nicht enthalten. Dies soll Ihnen die größtmögliche Flexibilität bei der Wahl der Mahlzeiten und die Möglichkeit geben, die einheimische Küche des bereisten Landes kennenzulernen. Planen Sie umgerechnet etwa USD 250 für nicht enthaltene Mahlzeiten ein.


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Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns - wir beraten Sie gerne.
Day 1 Tel Aviv
Shalom and Salaam Aleikum! Welcome to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Your adventure begins in Israel's liveliest city, Tel Aviv. There will be an important welcome meeting at 7 pm. Please check with the hotel reception or notice boards for where and when it will take place. For dinner afterwards you'll enjoy one of the country's most celebrated dishes, shakshuka, at a beloved local institution located in the heart of the Jaffa Flea Market. Enjoy this traditional North African dish of poached eggs, spicy tomato sauce and Mediterranean vegetables with a glass of homemade lemonade.

Included Activities
Jaffa - Dinner at Dr Shakshuka

Hotel (1 nt)

1 dinner

Day 2 Haifa
Drive to Caesarea, the ancient harbour city built by King Herod in the first century BC to honor Augustus Caesar. It's home to some of Israel's finest classical ruins, including an aqueduct and a graceful theatre overlooking the Mediterranean. Continue through Zichron Yaakov, one of Israel’s first modern Jewish agricultural settlements. This region is also home to many of the best wineries in Israel. Stop and sip some of Israel's lovely vintages from recent years. You'll enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the vines. Continue to Haifa and visit the spectacular Baha'i Gardens. These perfectly manicured grounds are a sacred site for the Baha'i faith, one of the world's youngest religions, whose teachings aspire to the spiritual unity of all humankind. The evening is free to make your own discoveries.

Included Activities
Haifa - Baha'i Gardens Visit
Caesarea - Roman Amphitheatre & Aqueduct
Zichron Ya'acov - Winery visit

Hotel (1 nt)

1 breakfast, 1 lunch

Day 3 Tiberias

Continue to the preserved stone city of Acre. This ancient crusader port town, otherwise known as the Acre of Crusaders, is a World Heritage-listed site and a place alive with an eventful history, from the crusades through to Napoleonic battles. Visit the massive complex of buildings occupied by the Knights of St John, and the Knight Templars' secret tunnel which was built during the Crusader period. Stop in at the bustling souq. Here you will be tempted by freshly caught fish cooked to order by local fisherman – a highly recommended lunch option. From Acre, drive on to Nazareth and the Basilica of the Annunciation. This historic site incorporates, according to Roman Catholic tradition, the cave in which Mary received the news from Gabriel that she would give birth to Jesus. Reach Tiberias in the early evening and stay in a traditional guesthouse.

Included Activities
Akko - Old Town Walk, including Templar Tunnels
Nazareth - Visit to Church of Annuniciation & Mary's Well

Guesthouse (1 nt)

1 breakfast

Day 4 Tiberias
Sail across the Sea of Galilee to Tabgha, the site of Jesus' legendary loaves-and-fishes miracle. Later in the morning, drive to up to the Golan Heights to visit a Druze Village called Buq’ata. Many Druze people in this area regard themselves as Syrian citizens. Historically, the Druze have been an agricultural people, tending olive groves and fruit orchards (mostly apples and cherries). Many families also grow their own fruit and vegetables, bake their own bread and live on a largely vegetarian diet. Meat, primarily lamb, is only served on special occasions. For lunch today you'll join a Druze family in preparing a traditional feast. Return to Tiberias in the evening.

Included Activities
Golan Heights - Druze Cooking Demonstration and Home-cooked Meal
Tiberias - Sea of Galilee visit

Guesthouse (1 nt)

1 breakfast, 1 lunch

Day 5 Nablus
Leave Tiberias, cross into the West Bank town of Jenin and continue to Nablus. Located in the Palestinian Territories, this is one of the West Bank’s largest cities. Meet a volunteer from the Nablus chapter of the International Slow Food movement for a produce-to-plate experience. You'll take a guided walk through the fragrant stalls of the local Kasbah, sampling some street food specialties and collecting ingredients for a hands-on cooking class. Dine with your new friends, enjoying the dishes you have created. After lunch your hosts will take you to a factory that makes the popular local sweet knafeh. This delicious Levantine cheese pastry soaked in syrup is considered a specialty of the regions of the former Ottoman Empire. Next, drive to Mount Jerazim for an encounter with the Samaritans, a Jewish minority group whose members hold Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian passports (the only group in the country to do so). Learn about Samaritan religion, culture and history up and stop past the town's tahini press to discover how this important local product is made. Once the sesame seeds have been ground into a paste, enjoy a taste fresh from the press. You'll arrive in Jerusalem by early evening.

Included Activities
Bait Al-Karama - cooking class
Nablus - Samaritan & Tahini Factory visit

Hotel (1 nt)

1 breakfast, 1 lunch

Day 6 Jerusalem
Enjoy a delicious breakfast done the local way with falafel and ka'ak (ring-shaped bread). Embark on a full-day tour of Jerusalem. It starts with a short drive to the Mount of Olives, where panoramic view of the city's extraordinary surrounds await. Then drive to the Garden of Gethsemane. From there, walk to St Stephen’s Gate, a memorable way to enter the Old City. Pass by the Western (Wailing) Wall, the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross) and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It's also sometimes possible to visit the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, when entry is permitted. Along the way, you'll enjoy a snack of muttabaq from one of the best street food stands in Jerusalem. Muttabaq (translated from the Arabic term for 'folded') is a delicious, stuffed, pan-fried bread commonly found all across the Middle East and in parts of Asia. Catch the train to nearby Machane Yehuda. Its wonderful produce market is affectionately known as 'The Shuk' to locals. Wander around the aromatic stalls selling fresh produce, meat, chicken, fish, cheese, herbs, dried fruits and spices. If you're feeling peckish, you can buy a Shuk Bites card and go on a snack crawl. Otherwise there are plenty of restaurants around the market at which you can sit back and enjoy the action. The rest of the day is yours to spend as you please.

Included Activities
Jerusalem - Guided City Tour

Hotel (1 nt)

1 breakfast

Day 7 Jerusalem
Head off down the western coastline of the Dead Sea. Take a cable car to the Herod's clifftop fortress of Masada, whose tale of doomed resistance by the Zealots against the Romans resonates deeply for the Jewish people. Retrace your steps to Qumran, an archaeological site of a small monastic community from the time of Christ who produced the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found by a shepherd in caves nearby as recently as 1947. After lunch in Qumran, take a float in the Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water on earth. Your final stop is Jericho, a slow-paced town in the West Bank, considered by some to be the longest inhabited city in the world. Continue on the road back to Jerusalem, glimpsing the Mount of Temptations. This evening you have the option to attend a Shabbat service, followed by the traditional Shabbat eve meal. Shabbat, according to Jewish religious law, is a day of complete rest, observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening through to Saturday evening. On Shabbat eve, the meal typically begins with a blessing called kiddush and another blessing is then recited over two loaves of challah (traditional bread).

Included Activities
Jericho - Mount of Temptations visit
Masada - Dead Sea & Fortress visit

Hotel (1 nt)

1 breakfast

Day 8 Bethlehem
Sit down to breakfast in one of the Old City's most revered hummus restaurants. Then take a short drive to the recently listed UNESCO site of Battir where villagers continue to practice ancient agricultural methods. The village is surrounded by an impressive Roman-era system of stone-walled terraces and a unique irrigation system fed by seven springs; this has been the village's fresh water supply for millenia. Then head to the holy city of Bethlehem. The route passes through a gap in the controversial security wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. Enjoy a walking tour of this famous city. Opposite Manger Square is the Church of the Nativity, the world's oldest continually operating church that marks the birthplace of Jesus. Enjoy a final lunch with new friends at a restaurant well known for its terrific barbeque. Get behind the scenes and have a go at mincing your own meat. You'll have two huge cleavers to get the job done the authentic way. Return to Jerusalem and make a toast to the end of your adventure.

Included Activities
Battir - Guided Village Walk
Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity & Shepherds' Field

Hotel (1 nt)

1 breakfast, 1 lunch

Day 9 Jerusalem
Your trip comes to an end this morning and you are free to depart at any time.

1 breakfast
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Für alle, die die Welt so entdecken möchten, wie sie wirklich ist. Sie wollen Land und Leute richtig kennen lernen und jeden Tag spannende neue Erfahrungen machen. Sie unternehmen viele Aktivitäten in der Gruppe, haben aber auch individuellen Freiraum für eigene Erkundungen. Individuelle Freiheit wird mit der Sicherheit und dem gemeinschaftlichen Erlebnis einer kleinen Gruppe kombiniert. Mahlzeiten sind teilweise inbegriffen. Die Unterbringung reicht von landestypischen Mittelklassehotels (2-3 Sterne) bis hin zur Unterbringung bei einheimischen Gastfamilien. Auch die Transportmittel variieren. Das authentische Erleben der Region, Kultur und Menschen vor Ort steht im Vordergrund.