Abenteuer New York USA

Abenteuer New York

  • Genießt die Skyline von New York
  • Besuch berühmter Stadtviertel wie Soho, Greenwich Village & TriBeCa
  • Besichtigung der eleganten 5th Avenue, der Patrick’s Cathedral, des Rockefeller Center & Tiffany’s
  • Besichtigung der Wall Street, World Trade Center Site & Battery Park
  • Weltberühmte Freiheitsstatue
  • Aussichtsplattform des Empire State Building
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4 Tage USA

ab  825 € Anfragen oder buchen

New York, New York... Diese Stadt ist so faszinierend, dass schon Frank Sinatra Ihren Namen zweimal sang. Entdeckt auf dieser fantastischen Tour eine der aufregendsten Metropolen der Welt: Besucht die 5th Avenue, den Central Park, das Empire State Building, die Wall Street, Madison Square Garden, die Freiheitsstatue, das Metropolitan Museum, Times Square, berühmte Stadtviertel wie Soho und TriBeCa und noch vieles mehr! Erlebt den Big Apple live und hautnah!

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New York City Tour lt. Programm, 7-Tageskarte für die Metro, Betreuung durch Reiseleiter, Verpflegung und Unterbringung gemäß Programm, Eintrittsgebühren und Sehenswürdigkeiten gemäß Tourprogramm

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3 Übernachtungen in Doppelzimmern

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3x Frühstück
1x Abendessen


Englischsprachiger Reiseleiter



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Holiday Inn Express Manhattan Midtown West, New York:
Im 1/2 Doppelzimmer: ab 125 EUR p.P.p.N.
Im Einzelzimmer: ab 245 EUR p.N.

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Optionale Ausflüge / Zusatzleistungen

New York:
Gruppenfoto US$15
Big Apple Helikopterflug US$135
New York Helikopterflug US$194
NYC Food Cart Tour US$43
'Gossip Girl' Tour US$41.00

Bitte beachtet, dass die angegebenen Preise nur der Orientierung dienen und sich jederzeit ändern können.
Day 1 Hello Big Apple!
Meet up with your fellow travellers and Tour Manager in fabulous New York. Cool, chic and pumping with urban soul, this is one knock-out town. From yellow cabs to delis, from hit shows to cutting-edge galleries, from iconic monuments to street culture, this city has it all.

Get familiar with the Big Apple as your Tour Manager shows you round New York’s core spots today. You’ll kick start the day as your Tour Manager opens up Manhattan. See the USA’s economic heart on Wall Street and the famous stock exchange NYSE, before checking out the cultural hub of Harlem and the famous Apollo theater, where jazz, blues and soul greats like James Brown performed.

You’ll see Museum Row, which includes some of the world’s most prestigious museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum.

Check out the towering Rockefeller center, which took 70 000 workers to build, the Gothic St Patrick’s Cathedral and the exclusive jewelry store, Tiffany’s before making a sobering stop at the World Trade Center Site, where the Twin Towers once stood.

After dinner tonight, we’ll all head down to Times Square. Take in the bright night lights of this popular meeting point, right in the thick of the theater district. With free time, maybe you could catch a late show, New York style. Or else, with so much variety and so many places to go, head out with some friends and explore the city’s incredible nightlife.

Hotel, Dinner

- See Wall Street and the NYSE
- See Museum Row including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim Museum
- Visit the World Trade Center
- Visit fashionable Fifth Avenue & see St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center & Tiffany's
- See the famous neighbourhoods of New York, such as Soho, Greenwich Village and TriBeCa
- The Big Apple's all yours with a 7 day travel pass

- Group Photo USD $15.00
- Helicopter - Big Apple USD $135.00
- Helicopter - New York, New York USD $194

Day 2 New York, New York
With a free day, you can take off at your own pace and discover more of the ultimate big city.

Get on 2 wheels in a fun optional guided tour and peddle your way through Central Park, New York’s heart and “lungs”. Our Local Guide knows this popular haunt’s hidden spots and will tell you all about this iconic green space.

Otherwise, get familiar with New York’s various flavors and step into its global kitchen. Try some hand made pasta in atmospheric Little Italy, or authentic noodles from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in bustling Chinatown. Pick up a bagel and some salami from a deli or buy an authentic American hot dog from a street stand.

Use your free time to explore New York’s vibrant and diverse neighborhoods up close. Soak up the bohemian feel of the former center point of the folk movement, Greenwich village. This hub of alternative culture still has a buzzing street life and cute, sidewalk cafes. Take a walk through stylish Soho and check out its hip, funky boutiques, the warehouse district and its trademark iron architecture.

Shopping-wise, New York is one of the world’s hottest cities and a leading trend-setter, so get some tips from your Tour Manager on where to go for the latest fashions.

If you’re into the hit show “Sex and the City”, don’t miss your chance to find out more with our fun optional locally guided tour around the girls’ favorite city hot spots in New York this afternoon.

Use your free night to head back to your favorite city spot for a cocktail or ask your Tour Manager for some fresh ideas and head out with your friends.

Hotel, Breakfast

- Come face to face with the Statue of Liberty

- NYC Food Cart Tour USD $43
- 'Gossip Girl' Tour USD $41.00

Day 3 More of Manhattan
Start the day of with an adrenaline-pumping optional ride on the famous Hudson River. Hit speeds of up to 72km/hr(45mph) and check out Manhattan’s incredible skyline from the water.

Otherwise, use your free time to get out of the city for a change of scene. Head out to beautiful Brooklyn by walking over the historic Brooklyn Bridge or visit the colourful suburb, the Bronx, known for its zoo and botanical gardens.

For something different, hit the Lower East Side and learn about New York’s mixed history and immigrants at the Tenement Museum. If you’re feeling hungry, visit the Chelsea Market – it’s packed with gourmet foods from brownies to lobster.

Tonight is the last night on tour, and we’re going to make it unforgettable. After a farewell dinner, we’ll head straight to the top of New York’s most famous landmark, the Empire State Building. Take in the gorgeous night lights of Manhattan and sweeping views over the city from 102 floors up.

Hotel, Breakfast

From April 2017:
- Visit the Empire State Building & take an elevator to the Observation Tower (86 floors up)
- Get a birds eye view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building

Day 4 Depart New York City
Your tour ends this morning so it’s time to say goodbye to your new friends and Tour Manager.
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Contiki bietet ideale Touren für alle von 18-35 Jahren. Urlaub wie wir ihn mögen: "Abenteuer, Spaß & Flexibilität" sind unser Motto. Weil wir eine internationale Gruppe Gleichgesinnter sind, teilen wir eine Sprache: Englisch. Daher ist es notwendig, sich wenigstens einigermaßen in Englisch zu verständigen. Wir reisen in modernen Reisebussen und wohnen in ausgesuchten Hotels und landestypischen Unterkünften. Contiki Holidays bietet unzählige Freizeitbeschäftigungen und ein volles Gruppenprogramm. Weil wir aber wissen, dass jeder auch seine eigene Freiheit braucht, bleibt viel Zeit für eigene Erkundungen, um die Dinge aus eigenem Blickwinkel zu entdecken.

Plant immer so, daß Ihr schon am Tag vor Tourbeginn am Ort seid und auch am Ende im Ankunftsort noch einmal übernachtet. Die preiswerten Contiki-Gateway Hotels solltet Ihr gleichzeitig mit Eurer Tourbuchung reservieren.