Südkorea Erlebnisreise

  • Besuche die Demilitarisierte Zone zwischen Nord- und Südkorea
  • Übernachte in einem Tempel in Busan
  • Genieße die vielfältige koreanische Küche
  • Erkunde die Highlights der Hauptstadt Seoul
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8 Tage Südkorea

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Bereit für eine einzigartige Reiseerfahrung? Südkorea bietet sie dir - und mehr. Auf dieser 8-tägigen Rundreise siehst du die Highlights in und rund um Seoul und besuchst Folk Villages und einzigartige koreanische Tempel. Lerne die düstere Geschichte zwischen Nord- und Südkorea kennen und mache einen Ausflug in die Demilitarisierte Zone, die die beiden Länder trennt. Dies ist die perfekte Einführung in ein Land, das gerade dabei ist, sich wieder als Top-Reiseziel zu etablieren.

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Leistungen enthalten

  • Südkorea Rundreise gemäß Programm
  • Transporte, Unterkünfte und Mahlzeiten gemäß Programm
  • Ausflüge, Aktivitäten und Besichtigungen gemäß Reiseverlauf
  • Stadttour in Seoul
  • Besuch der DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
  • Stadttour in Gyeongju
  • Besuch des Yangdong Folk Village
  • Besuch des Yonggungsa Tempels
  • Stadttour in Busan
  • Ausflug zum Haeundae Strand und der Insel Dongbaek (APEC House)
  • Besuch der N Seoul Tower
  • Ausflug zum Namdaemun Markt

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  • Optionale Ausflüge und Aktivitäten
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1x Tempel
Die Unterbringung erfolgt im Doppelzimmer und im Mehrbettzimmer (Tempel). Alleinreisende teilen sich das Zimmer mit einem/einer weiteren gleichgeschlechtlichen Reiseteilnehmer/in.

Gegen Aufpreis ist auch die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer buchbar (keine Einzelunterbringung im Tempel möglich).


7x Frühstück, 1x Abendessen
Plane 275-360 USD für nicht inbegriffene Mahlzeiten ein.


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Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne!

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  • Einzelzimmer-Zuschlag (Aufpreis: 939 €)

1. Tag: Seoul

Arrive at any time. Welcome to Seoul! As fellow travellers are arriving throughout the day, there are no planned activities until a group meeting at 6 pm. Check into the hotel and enjoy the city.

After the welcome meeting, join your CEO for an orientation walk down Cheonggyecheon Stream to learn about Seoul while walking past small waterfalls and nearly two dozen overhead bridges. Then, enjoy the dense grid of streets found in the bustling neighbourhood of Myeongdong which is packed with people at all hours of the day looking to enjoy some of the best shopping, street food, and nightlife in all of Korea. Opt for a group dinner to end your first night! Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting, 1h 18:00Evening. The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore before your welcome meeting, but make sure you’re back in time to meet the group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour. Please note that normal check-in times apply at our start hotels, but you can usually store your luggage for the day if you arrive early.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Seoul Orientation Walk
Enjoy a brief walk with your CEO. He/she will give you some tips on finding things like supermarkets, main squares, and ATMs. You'll be taken through Cheonggyecheon Stream which is an 8.4 kilometre (5.2 mile) waterway and public space that runs through the heart of downtown Seoul. Myeongdong is another popular spot you'll hit on your orientation walk. This exciting district features street food carts, major shopping malls, and entertainment.

Unterkunft: Hotel Prince Seoul, Seoul

2. Tag: Seoul

Enjoy a walking tour in the bustling metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples and street markets. Visit Gyengbokgung Palace, the National Folklore Museum, Jogyesa Temple, Bukchon Hanok Village and Insadong alley.

After exploring the city, opt to see a show, explore a local museum, or hit the pavement and eat your way through street markets trying local fares such as bibimbap, soondae, and kimchi.

Optional Activities:
Nanta Show (Seoul)
50000KRW per person. Check out what all the fuss is about and go see NANTA, Korea’s most popular show. Watch the story of four crazy chefs told, not through dialogue, but through the rhythmic banging of knives, pots, and pans. Performed on Broadway, the show has attained international success.

Seoul Museum of History Visit
Free. Really get to know Seoul with a stop at the Seoul Museum of History, which highlights each segment of the city's past from the Stone Age to present day. Discover one of the museum's recent creations – a large floor map of Seoul, great for plotting out your next steps!

Jump Show (Comic Martial Arts Show)
50000KRW per person. This innovative musical comedy show incorporates many of Asia’s martial arts, including Korea's Taekwondo and Taekkyeon, as it tells the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their house from robbers.

Gwangjang Market
Gwangjang Market is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in South Korea, with more than 5,000 shops. Famous for its fabric, local treasures, and noted to be one of the best places to go for authentic Korean street food in Seoul, you don't want to miss Gwangjang Market.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Seoul City Tour
Enjoy a walking tour of the bustling capital of South Korea. Visit different areas of the city including Gyengbokgung Palace, National Folklore Museum, Jogyesa Temple, Bukchon Hanok
Village and Insadong alley.

Gyeongbokgung Palace
Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty built in 1395. The palace has been destroyed many times over, but more than 50 per cent of the buildings are still standing or are restored. The complex is also home to the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum.

National Folklore Museum
Located within the grounds of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, learn about the history and traditions of the Korean people during the Joseon era.

Jogyesa Temple
Visit one of the most important Buddhist temples in Korea and a symbol of Korean Buddhism.

Bukchon Hanok Village Exploration
Be transported back 600 years into Seoul's past while walking through Bukchon Hanok Village, which boasts the largest cluster of privately owned traditional Korean wooden homes (hanok) in Seoul. Keep an eye out for the half-dozen or so alleys that have beautifully restored architectural features like small courtyards, decorative outer walls, and dark tiled roofs.

Insadong Alley
Explore the narrow and hidden alleys of one of the most memorable places in Seoul. Now filled with antique shops, galleries, tea houses and traditional restaurants, this area once housed the royal studio for painters during the Joseon Dynasty.

Unterkunft: Hotel Prince Seoul, Seoul

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

3. Tag: Seoul

Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. With over a million soldiers on watch each day, it is one of the last remnants of the Cold War. Spend about 3-4 hours visiting the Demilitarized Zone. On your way there pass by the Blue House, home to the President of the Republic of Korea and South Korea's official government complex.

The DMZ was founded in 1953 when the Korean war ended and it is highly militarized on both sides. With a buffer zone 4km wide and spanning 250 km long separating North and South Korea there has been very little development in the area, therefore nature and wildlife have pretty much taken over. Later, return back to Seoul for another night in the city. A DMZ shuttle bus will be used within the DMZ area.

Optional Activities:
K-Pop Show
Purchase tickets in advance if you want to fit in a K-Pop concert! Recognized by Time magazine as "South Korea's Greatest Export," K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop), is a musical genre with girl and boy bands singing, rapping, and performing synchronized dance moves. Taking in a K-Pop concert by one of the many K-Pop groups is a spectacle in itself.

Itaewon Neighbourhood Visit
Free. Get into the grit of things with a visit to Seoul's Itaewon neighbourhood, the happening place to go. Immerse yourself in bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops, selling everything from tailored suits to furniture, jewelry, and pottery.

The War Memorial Hall of Korea
Free. If you love history - dive right into The War Memorial of Korea. The memorial building serves to exhibit and memorialize the military history of Korea and preserve materials related to the Korean War. Divided into indoor and outdoor exhibits containing about 9,000 artifacts, there sure is a lot to see here!

Kimchi & Hanbok Experience
35000KRW per person. An instructor will walk you through the Kimchi making process, after which you will make your own with various seasonings to be made to your liking. Also, choose to try wearing various kinds of Hanbok, a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. There will be hair accessories and hats as well if you'd like to have the full Korean experience and take some photos!

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Visit
Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) the de facto border between North and South Korea, which cuts the peninsula in half. Created in 1953, it is the most heavily militarized border in the world.

Fahrzeit: ca. 3 Std.

Unterkunft: Hotel Prince Seoul, Seoul

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

4. Tag: Seoul - Gyeongju-si

Travel to Gyeongju and visit the UNESCO-listed sites of Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple on an included tour. Depart Seoul in the morning and travel by high-speed train to Gyeongju, taking just over two hrs to reach the city.

In the afternoon, enjoy an included tour of some local highlights, including the UNESCO World Heritage temples. Later, opt to further dive into Gyeongju by visiting some more local historic sights or basking in the serenity of Anapji Pond.

Optional Activities:
Daereungwon Tomb Complex
2000KRW per person. The Daereungwon Tomb complex in Gyeongju holds 23 tombs that are found inside of large mounds. The complex is beautiful with its rolling mounds and gardens, but the real treat can be found inside the tombs, the most famous being Cheonmachong and Hwangnamdaechong. Each tomb holds thousands of relics that gives us a window into the Silla Dynasty and its royal family. The contents of these tombs are over 1,500 years old and a great treasure to anyone who enjoys Korean history and artistic beauty.

Anapji Pond
2000KRW per person. Also known as 'Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond', it was once a part of the royal palace complex of the ancient Silla dynasty. A long-term renovation project beginning in the early 19070's that excavated thousands of relics from the pond has brought Anapji back to its former glory. Anapji Pond is popularly visited in the evening for its beautiful night views when everything is lit up and reflecting amongst the waters.

Cheomseongdae Observatory
Free. Nestled in the heart of Gyeongju, the capital of the former Silla Kingdom, Cheomseongdae may not appear to be a monumental landmark. But this observatory tower that dates back to the seventh century is actually the oldest existing astronomical observatory in all of East Asia. Cheomseongdae was used for observing the stars in order to forecast the weather in the ancient scientific hub of Gyeongju.

Bike Rental - Gyeongju
5000KRW per person. Hiring a bicycle is a great way to reach the sights. Cycle past Cheomseongdae Observatory, Anapji Pond and much more!

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
City Tour of Gyeongju
Visit sights around Gyeongju on an included tour. See the UNESCO sites of Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple and much more. Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple are very significant to Korean culture and Buddhism. The Seokguram Grotto is symbolic of a spiritual journey into Nirvana and the Bulguksa Temple is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and encompasses seven National treasures of South Korea.

Fahrzeit: ca. 2 Std.

Unterkunft: Benikea Swiss Rosen Hotel, Gyeongju

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

5. Tag: Gyeongju-si - Busan

Take a day trip to Yangdong Folk Village, a UNESCO site, before continuing to Busan to visit the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and relaxing with a trip to Haeundae Beach and Dongbaek Island (APEC House). Take a private van to visit the 500-year-old UNESCO site of Yangdong Folk Village, located in Gyeongju National Park, to get a feel for life during the early Joseon Dynasty.

Travel to the picturesque 14th century seaside temple, Haedong Yonggungsa. Continue to Busan and enjoy a walk or swim at Haeundae Beach, the most popular beach in South Korea, or perhaps a light trek on Dongbaek Island.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Yangdong Folk Village
Get a fascinating look into life during the Joseon Dynasty on this visit to the Yangdong Folk Village. Founded in the early 1400s, the village boasts well-preserved buildings and has more than 160 homes displaying traditional Joseon architecture within a gorgeous natural setting.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple Visit
Originally built in 1376, this picturesque, cliffside Buddhist temple overlooks the East China Sea. Opt to grab a bizarre local snack at the traditional market. Legend foretells that should you pray here, at least one of your wishes will come true.

Haeundae Beach and Dongbaek Island (APEC House) Visit
Visit Haeundae Beach, one of Korea's most beautiful beaches. Enjoy a walk along the shore, or take a swim (don't forget your suit!) And see the famed APEC House built to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) summit meeting in 2005 on Dongbaek Island.

Fahrzeit: ca. 2 Std.

Unterkunft: Libero Hotel, Busan

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

6. Tag: Busan

Visit the bustling Jagalchi fish market, Gukjesijang market, and Yongdusan Park, before an overnight in a local temple. Stay in rooms called Ondol. These rooms are very traditional, heated to be cozy and comfortable, with beds made up directly on the floor. The rooms here are multi-share, divided up by male and female rooms. Enjoy a traditional dinner and breakfast during the stay.

Have the opportunity to learn about temple etiquette, experience the daily drum and bell ritual, craft your own prayer beads and take an easy hike up to the oldest and highest temple in Busan for morning meditation.

Optional Activities:
Busan Tower Observatory
8000KRW per person. With incredible views day or night, Busan Tower is a symbol of Busan that stands proudly 69 m above sea level at a height of 120 m and allows for 360 degrees of viewing pleasure! Fun fact: the top of the tower is modelled after the baldaquin of Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Temple.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Jagalchi Fish Market
Discover this market and major attraction at Nampo Port. Wander through the rows of stalls selling everything you can dream of from the sea. Watch as locals haggle for the best price and fishmongers hawk their wares.

Gukjesijang Market
Gukjesijang or Gukje Market is nestled near Biff Square, a well-known modern movie district in Busan. The market once was a place for refugees to earn a living over the period of the Korean War. Now, it's a bustling international market where loads of food, home goods, clothes, souvenirs and more can be found.

Yongdusan Park Visit
Visit Yongdusan Park, home to more than 70 different types of trees, and see the 118m (387 ft) high Busan Tower. The park's unique shape is said to look like a dragon's head.

Unterkunft: Beomeosa, Busan

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Abendessen

7. Tag: Busan - Seoul

Enjoy a final morning in Busan before returning to Seoul by train. Visit the Namdaemun Market and N Seoul Tower in the afternoon, then have some free time for your final evening in Seoul.

After arriving into Seoul by train head to check out Korea's oldest traditional market, Namdaemun Market. Then make your way by cable car to N Seoul Tower to see this beautiful landmark and opt to make the trip up to the observation deck if you're feeling adventurous. Spend the rest of your day in Seoul seeing Banpo Bridge, the floating islands or hanging out in the Gangnam district.

Optional Activities:
Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain
Free. Banpo Bridge is home to the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show and is the world's longest bridge fountain. Nearly 10,000 LED lights and 380 water spraying nozzles make up this beautiful show of water, music, and lights. During the day, the fountain shows a hundred different configurations meant to evoke waving willow branches and willow leaves. When the sun goes down, the fountain is illuminated as it sends out dancing, rainbow-coloured jets of water in the air in synchronization with music.

N Seoul Tower Observatory
10000KRW per person. Namsan Seoul Tower Observatory allows for an incredible 360 degrees panoramic view of Seoul. The top of the tower is 480m above sea level, including Namsan Mountain (243m) and the tower’s own height (236.7m). It has quickly become a well-known landmark in Seoul and has appeared in lots of smash-hit K-dramas and movies.

Gangnam District Visit
Gangnam has plenty to do and see in this historically rich, fast-developing neighbourhood. Gangnam Station is the busiest subway station in Seoul and has a huge underground shopping centre, so feel free to shop until you drop. Choose to visit Bongeunsa, a Buddhist Temple in the centre of Gangnam, or enjoy the nightlife and restaurants in this area.

Floating Islands Visit
The floating islands are a culture complex made up of three man-made floating islands located near one end of the Banpo Bridge. LED lights surround the islands and create a fantastic night view - a must see if you're in Seoul!

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Namdaemun Market Visit
Dating back to 1414, this is Korea's oldest traditional market and it's largest, with over 10,000 vendors spanning several city blocks. Get ready to shop!

N Seoul Tower Visit
Take the cable car to visit the most iconic landmark in Seoul! Located at the top of Mt Namsan, and standing at 480m above sea level, what used to be a broadcasting station before it was open to the public, is now a beautiful observatory. If you'd like to go up the tower to the observatory an additional fee is required.

Fahrzeit: ca. 2.5 Std.

Unterkunft: Hotel Prince Seoul, Seoul

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

8. Tag: Seoul

Depart at anytime.

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Mit einem großen, unpersönlichen Reisebus erlebst du garantiert keine wirklichen Abenteuer. Lust auf einen Marktbesuch? Oder lieber die Seele baumeln lassen in einem gemütlichen Café am Straßenrand? Aber gerne! Bei unseren Reisen zeigen wir dir die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten und lassen dir freie Zeit, um dein ganz eigenes Abenteuer zu erleben.