Vietnam von Nord nach Süd Vietnam

Vietnam von Nord nach Süd

  • Französischer Charme in Hanoi
  • Übernachtung auf einer Dschunke in der Halong Bucht
  • Kaiserlicher Glanz in Hue
  • Gastfamilienaufenthalt im Mekong Delta
  • Bunte Märkte in Ho Chi Minh City
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15 Tage Vietnam

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Durchquere Vietnam von Nord nach Süd und entdecke die schönsten und interessantesten Sehenswürdigkeiten des Landes. Du startest in der Hauptstadt Hanoi, verbringst eine Nacht auf einer Dschunke in der Halong Bucht, wo du die Karsthöhlen erkunden kannst. Besuche die alte kaiserliche Stadt Hue mit ihrer Zitadelle und fahre über den Hai Van Pass nach Hoi An. Probiere Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City und übernachte bei einer Gastfamilie im Mekong Delta. Eine Reise voller Abenteuer und neuer Eindrücke erwartet dich!

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2. Tag: Halong Bucht
3.-4. Tag: Hanoi
5.-6. Tag: Hue
7.-8. Tag: Hoi An
9. Tag: Nachtzug nach Nha Trang
10.-11. Tag: Nha Trang
12. Tag: Ho Chi Minh City
13. Tag: Mekong Delta
14.-15. Tag: Ho Chi Minh City

Leistungen enthalten

  • Vietnam Rundreise gemäß Programm
  • Transporte, Unterkünfte und Mahlzeiten gemäß Programm
  • Ausflüge und Aktivitäten wie beschrieben:
    • Übernachtung auf einer Dschunke in der Halong Bucht
    • Geführte Tour und Eintritt zu den Höhlen
    • Besuch Mausoleum, Präsidentenpalast, Einsäulenpagode und Stilt House in Ho Chi Minh City
    • Geführte Tour durch die Verbotene Zitadelle
    • Marble Mountain
    • Besuch des Hai Van Passes
    • Übernachtung bei einer Gastfamilie im Mekong Delta
    • Besuch Wasserpuppentheater
    • Geführter Rundgang zum B?n Thành Markt, dem Opernhaus, der Notre Dam Kathedrale & Eifell Post Office, dem Unabhängigkeitspalast und dem Kriegsopfermuseum (inkl. Eintritt)

Leistungen nicht enthalten

  • Internationale Flüge (gerne über uns buchbar)
  • Nicht genannte Mahlzeiten und Getränke
  • Reiseversicherungen
  • Persönliche Ausgaben, Trinkgelder
  • Flughafentransfers
  • Visumgebühren
  • Optionale Ausflüge und Aktivitäten


11x Mittelklasse-Hotel
1x Halong Bay Dschunke
1x Nachtzug
1x Gastfamilie (Homestay)

Die Unterbringung erfolgt im halben Doppelzimmer. Wahlweise ist die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer buchbar (außer: Dschunke, Nachtzug und Gastfamilie).


14x Frühstück
2x Mittagessen
2x Abendessen


Englischsprachiger Reiseleiter


Bahn, Flugzeug, Privatfahrzeug

Zusätzliche Übernachtungen

Tourhotel in Hanoi
Einzelzimmer: 34 EUR
Doppelzimmer: 17 EUR p.P.

Tourhotel in Ho Chi Minh City
Einzelzimmer: 40 EUR
Doppelzimmer: 20 EUR p.P.


Preis pro Fahrzeug (maximal 3 Personen): 23 EUR

Ho Chi Minh City
Preis pro Fahrzeug (maximal 3 Personen): 16 EUR

Optionale Ausflüge / Zusatzleistungen

Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum kostenfrei
Ho Chi Minh’s Haus & Präsidentenpalast VND 20.000
Ho Chi Minh’s Museum VND 20.000
Literaturtempel VND 20.000
Grabstätten und Zitadellen VND 20.000
Ngoc Son Tempel VND 5.000
Museum der Bildenen Künste VND 20.000
Militär-Geschichtsmuseum VND 20.000
Parfum-Pagode VND 20.000
Wasserpuppen-Theater VND 60.000 - 100.000 + VND 40.000 für Kameranutzung

Thien Mu Pagode US$2
Amphitheater und Elefanten Tempel kostenfrei
Kasierliches Museum mit Guide VND105.000
Militär Museum VND55.000 + US$3
Ho Chi Minh Museum VND40.000
Fahrradleihgebühr ab VND30.000
Bootsfahrt auf dem Parfumfluss US$2

Sightseeing ticket (Zugang zu fünf Stätten) VND120.000
My Son Cham Ruinen VND60.000 Eintritt zzgl. Transport und Guide US$8
Kochkurs ab VND250.000
Bootstrip auf dem Tu Bon Fluss US$20

Palast der Wiedervereinigung VND20.000
Tunnel von Cu Chi VND235.000

Bitte beachte, dass sich die Preise/Aktivitäten jederzeit ändern können.
Day 1 - Hanoi
Hanoi offers a beguiling combination of tranquillity and chaos, from the elegance of its crumbling colonial architecture and tree-lined boulevards, to the boisterous cacophony of street vendors and motorcycles. Much can be absorbed of daily life by wandering the streets of the old quarter, tasting local market food, and people-watching. For the culture buffs there are museums, temples and tombs which offer insight into a city rich in history and character.

Optional Excursions:
Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum – free • Ho Chi Minh's house and presidential palace – VND 20,000 • Ho Chi Minh's Museum – VND 20,000 • Temple of Literature – VND20,000 • All tombs and citadels – VND 20,000 • Ngoc Son Temple – VND 5,000 • Fine Arts Museum – VND 20,000 • Military History Museum – VND 20,000 • Perfume pagoda – VND 20,00

1 night in a hotel at Golden Charm Hotel or similar.

1 Breakfast

Day 2 - Halong Bay
We depart Hanoi for the mystical Halong Bay, boarding a traditional Chinese sailing vessel which will take us out to the UNESCO world heritage site. The bay includes hundreds of islands with towering limestone karsts draped in verdant foliage. The boat – called a ‘junk’ – will be our home for the evening and staying overnight in the bay means we have time to explore caves, go swimming and soak in the beauty of the area.

Translated, Halong means ‘Bay of Descending Dragons’ and local legend describes a great dragon coming down from the mountains, gouging out the valleys and spitting out jewels which turned into the various islands. Tonight we are treated to dinner aboard our boat followed by a spot of night fishing… if you’re still awake!

Included Excursions:
Halong Bay overnight stay on a junk boat, Guided tour & entrance to caves

1 night on Halong Bay junk

1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

Day 3 - Hanoi
This morning we’ll do some final exploring around the bay, perhaps to see some of the large caves filled with stalagmites and stalactites that lay hidden behind the towering cliffs, before making our way back to the mainland, arriving back in Hanoi sometime in the afternoon.

Included Excursions:
An evening trip to the Vietnamese Water Puppet Theatre

1 night in a hotel.

1 Basic Breakfast, 1 Lunch

Day 4 - Hanoi
Today your Tour Leader will take you on trip to visit a number of sights. Discover Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, the Stilt House and the famous 1-Pillar Pagoda.

You can also visit “coffee street” in the old quarter for a ca phe sua da (a milky iced coffee) for a caffeine fix, or grab some hearty bowls of Pho from the street vendors selling delicious Vietnamese street food. You can also head to the pretty Hoàn Ki?m Lake and try and spot the endangered large soft shell turtles that are hiding in the water, before crossing the red Huc Bridge to visit Jade Island where the Ngoc Son Temple (Temple of Jade Mountain) stands.

Included Excursions:
Half-day trip to visit Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, Museum, Presidential Palace, Stilt House and the famous 1-Pillar Pagoda

1 night in a hotel at Golden Charm Hotel or similar.

1 Breakfast

Day 5 to 6 - Hue
We’ll have one more morning in Hanoi, the perfect opportunity to see some of the sites you may have missed before our cruise, before we head to the airport to catch our short flight to Hue. Before we leave, make sure you have visited the Temple of Literature, the country’s first university and discover the stone tablets with the names of graduates from over the years.

The time-worn grandeur of Hue has been the stage of many battles from the dynastic rivalry and rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries, to French occupation and most recently as the site of the Battle of Hue, one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in the Vietnam War. Its location at the geographic heart of Vietnam has perhaps done it no favours, but uncovering its past and exploring its relics is a delight for travellers in a place where history interweaves and overlaps with modern life.

The picturesque Perfume River winds its way through the city, past the citadels and pagodas that make this a UNESCO world heritage site. Hue is also a centre of artistic and intellectual learning and the community of artists, poets and scholars that have called this place home contribute to making it captivating and engaging city.

Here we tour around the ancient forbidden citadel. The citadel was only for the emperors and those closest, with severe punishments if you were caught trespassing. Along the Perfume River we can visit the tombs of those who used to dominate the citadel.

Included Excursions:
Visit the Forbidden Citadel with tour leader

Optional Excursions:
Thien Mu Pagoda – US$2 • Amphitheatre and elephant temple – free • Imperial Museum & guide – VND 105,000 • Military Museum – VND55,000 + US$3 • Ho Chi Minh Museum – VND 40,000 • Bicycle hire – from VND 30,000 • Perfume River boat cruise – US$2

2 night(s) in hotels at DMZ Hotel or similar

2 Breakfast(s)

Day 7 to 8 - Hoi An
We depart Hue and travel south to Hoi An. Our drive takes us up and over the famous and scenic Hai van Pass (ocean cloud pass) where you will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding coastline and rice paddies. The name of the road refers to the mist from the sea, and is renowned for its beauty, featuring predominantly on the British motoring programme Top Gear. Before arriving in Hoi An our short journey takes us through the city of Da Nang, along Non Nuoc Beach, more familiarly known as China Beach before stopping for a brief exploration of the hidden temples and caves of Marble Mountain, a small cluster of 5 mini-mountains on the south side of Da Nang. For those adventurous to head for the very top , amazing city and sea views are your just rewards.

While the journey from Hue is incredible, Hoi An is even better. Largely spared damage during the Vietnamese conflict, The old trading port of Hoi An is a UNESCO Heritage town offering an amazing central old town with small friendly streets dotted with an abundance of small family run shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Whether you want to stop for a nice cheap beer while watching the sun set over the river or splash out on an incredible seafood supper, Hoi An has it all within walking distance. One of the main highlights of Hoi An, other than its beauty, culture and history are the more than 300 tailor shops located all over town and on every street corner. Where else can you have designer, tailor made to measure clothes fitted and ready to take away the next day for less than an off the peg purchase back at home? If you love clothes and want something special or unique you may never want to leave Hoi An. If clothes aren’t your thing why not rent a bicycle and take the short 5km ride through country lanes bordered by rice paddy fields to the wholly unspoiled Cua Dai beach for the day or join an organised excursion to visit My Son, another UNESCO World Heritage site located close to Hoi An and the location of some of Vietnam’s best preserved ancient Hindu Temple ruins dating back hundreds of years to the Champa era?

Included Excursions:
Marble Mountain,Visit Hai Van Pass

Optional Excursions:
Sightseeing ticket (allowing entry to 5 sites) – VND 100,000 • My Son Cham ruins – VND 60,000 entrance, plus transport with guide US$8 • Cookery class – from VND 250,000 • Tu Bon River boat trip – US$20 - Bicycle rental US$3 (Daily) My Son Excursion US$TBA

2 night(s) in hotels at Hoang Trinh Hotel or similar

2 Breakfast(s)

Day 9 - Overnight Train to Nha Trang
Enjoy most of the day exploring Hoi An before catching an overnight train to Nha Trang.

1 night on an overnight sleeper train.

1 Breakfast

Day 10 to 11 - Nha Trang
Situated on the beach, Nha Trang is a perfect place to relax. You can opt for a snorkelling boat trip or visit the sulphur mud bath spas. There are also a number of cultural sights including the Long Son Pagoda, Alexandre Yersin Museum and the Po Nagar Cham Towers.

2 night(s) in hotels

1 Breakfast

Day 12 - Ho Chi Minh City
Today we catch a short flight to Ho Chi Minh City. This bustling and vibrant city, the former capital of South Vietnam and formerly known as Saigon until the end of the Vietnam War (around 1975) and the infamous ‘Fall of Saigon” when the city was renamed after North Vietnam’s illustrious and revered leader Ho Chi Minh. Originally a small fishing village, it is now the most important economic centre in Vietnam and is the largest city in the country.

Traffic in the city is fairly hectic at the best of times but getting around is surprisingly easy by taxi although drivers may not always speak English. Bus is the only form of public transport and motorbikes rule the road; there are around 3 million motorbikes cruising around the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Although we have one night in Ho Chi Minh, we will be returning after our overnight adventure on the Mekong Delta for two full days in which to explore and enjoy this vibrant city.

Optional Excursions:
The Reunification Palace – VND 20,000 • Cu Chi Tunnels - VND 235,000

1 night in a hotel at La Felix Hotel or similar.

1 Breakfast

Day 13 - Mekong Delta
This morning we travel to the heart of the Mekong Delta, a region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River, the longest river in South East Asia, approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. Life in the Mekong Delta revolves much around the river, and many of the villages are often accessible more easily by rivers and canals rather than by road. The region produces half of the country's rice output which is more than Japan and Korea combined.

Once we arrive to the Delta, we board a long boat and begin our day exploring life in and around the river and its tributaries, visiting local workshops where the local people are always happy to see you and the children will follow you around wearing their western football shirts. Visit a local Bonsai garden, fruit orchard, ceramics workshop and local brickworks to discover how local needs are met without the modern technology we take so much for granted. Want to try the local ‘snake wine’ or ‘rice wine’ then today you get your chance when we visit a local homestay where you’ll be invited into the family home and offered the local wines. Whatever you do, don’t take the term ‘wine’ too lightly as these drink pack a powerful kick! During the day your guide will take you to a local home for a wonderful local seafood meal (quality non-seafood options are available). Don’t forget your cameras.

Included Excursions:
Mekong Delta Overnight Excursion

1 night in a homestay.

1 Breakfast, 1 Dinner

Day 14 - Ho Chi Minh City
The next morning after breakfast and before returning to Ho Chi Minh City, we take an early cruise on a traditional sampan through the famous floating markets and past the imposing Christian Church to visit local craft shops and a chance to support the local community by purchasing a gift or two for your friends back home. Whether it’s a treat from the sweet and candy workshop or a souvenir snake wine, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest . Late in the morning we disembark our boat, say farewell to our guide and boat captain and head back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Included Excursions:
Tour Leader local walking tour to B?n Thành Market, Opera House, Notre Dam Cathedral & Eifell Post Office, Independance Palace, War Remnents Museum (inc entrance to musuem)

1 night in a hotel at La Felix Hotel or similar.

1 Buffet Breakfast

Day 15 - Depart Ho Chi Minh City
Your adventure of a lifetime comes to an end today. If you have a late flight or have lengthened your stay by adding post tour accommodation you will have more time to explore the sights.

1 Breakfast

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