Meine erste Afrika Reise - ein außergewöhnliches Erlebnis
Botswana 08.12.2017

Meine erste Afrika Reise - ein außergewöhnliches Erlebnis

Dear Moja Team,

I wanted to give some additional and personal feedback to the „Botswana Wild Parks Tour“ from 12th – 25th Nov 2017 :-).

Our two guides (Brian as the tour guide und Ngande as our guide in the Moremi Game Reserve) have both a big knowledge of nature, wildlife and culture etc. and were always more than happy to share that knowledge and answer whatever questions we had. Also they made us always feel safe. They are both very professional & experienced and respected wildlife, nature & people a lot! (It´s really appreciated that this is really lived and not only a marketing slogan! And I believe, that they are both personally convinced by that and not simply follow a company-policy.)
Both did a fantastic job!

Our two drivers (Mike and Lister) did a wonderful job in bringing us safe and on time from A to B. Even on the partially more than bumpy roads with a lot of animals next to or even on the roads... Thanks a lot for that!
All of them – guides and drivers – cared a lot, were always interested in all the group members personally and made the whole journey feel like a big family trip :-). It was a pleasure travelling with them. We had a lot of fun whilst exploring Africa.
You can be really proud of your team members. They are all very engaged, professional and really nice people – and that makes a big difference :-).

The Safari Truck is perfectly equipped with everything you need for such a trip.

The accomodations were all nice and some had a much higher standard than expected (e.g. Nata Lodge and Hyena Pan Bushlodge → really beautiful!!!).

This was my first time in Africa and you made it a great, unforgettable and exceptional experience!!!
You made us feel like travelling with a big family, you´ve cared a lot and you´ve made us always feel safe. You´re so relaxed, you have a great humor and you´re able to create delicious dinners even in the middle of the Okavango-Delta (lecker-lecker :-)).

It was really impressing to see that the guide did not only do a wonderful & great job – he is living this life – with so much motivation, engagement and passion! Thanks for letting us participate in that and thanks for sharing so much about nature, wildlife, culture, history and your personal experiences. The guide Brian made this journey different and really special for us! It was a fantastic trip and wonderful & amazing 14 days (far too short)!
I´m looking forward to come back to Africa and travel again with you!!!!


I will definetely recommend this Safari and Brian to family and friends!

Best regards,

Anke W.