Philippinen 01.03.2018

Palawan was one of my best trips

Türkisfarbenes Wasser und wahrhafte Traumstrände erwarten einen im Inselparadies.
Türkisfarbenes Wasser und wahrhafte Traumstrände.

I've already made a lot of trips. But this one was actually one of the best one. Almost everything was included. Rose our tourguide was so nice and took care of you when you're getting sik or if you had any problems she was here for you helped you out. It was a great experience. The party boat was great fun and I realy enjoyed the time. For me at the beginning the group was a bit to big but after the time I felt confortable and accepted. Also for a "not so good english speaker" I would recommend the tour with Rose. She was not getting tired in explaining things twice. I would definitelly go on a second trip with you.

C. Heer