Bhutan - Das Königreich der Drachen

Erlebe das Königreich im Himalaya

  • Die farbenfrohen Trachten von Paros Einwohnern
  • Thimphu - Die friedliche Hauptstadt Bhutans
  • Genieße atemberaubende Aussichten auf die Berge des Himalaya
  • Besuch des berühmten Tiger's Nest Klosters
  • Impsanter Punakha-Dzong
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7 Tage Bhutan

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Entdecke das versteckte Königreich im Himalaya und begib dich auf eine Reise durch eines der letzten weniger bekannten Paradiese. Starte deine Erlebnisreise in der Hauptstadt Thimpu, die ganz ohne Verkehrsampeln auskommt und entdecke die Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt. Besuche in Punakha eine der größten Klosterfestungen des Landes. Du wanderst zum berühmten Tiger's Nest Kloster, das zu den absoluten Highlights des Landes gehört und als eine der am höchsten verehrten Pilgerstätten im Himalaya gilt. Erlebe unverfälschte Kultur, Tradition und Gastfreundschaft in einem der faszinierendsten Länder Asiens.

1. Tag: Paro - Thimphu
2. Tag: Thimphu
3. Tag: Punakha
4. Tag: Punakha
5. Tag: Thimpu - Paro
6. Tag: Tigernest Kloster - Paro
7. Tag: Paro

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  • Bhutan Rundreise lt. Programm
  • Transporte, Unterkünfte und Mahlzeiten gemäß Programm
  • Flughafentransfers ab/bis Paro
  • Gebühren für Bhutan Visum
  • Ausflüge, Aktivitäten und Besichtigungen gemäß Reiseverlauf
  • Besuch des Gagyel Lhundrup Webereizentrums in Thimpu
  • Nado Poizokhang Incense Factory in Thimpu
  • Nationaler Gedenkchörten in Thimpu
  • Stadtrundgang mit Picknick in Thimpu
  • Besuch der Choki Kunstschule in Thimpu
  • Besuch des Drubthob Nonnenklosters
  • Nationales Textilmuseum in Thimpu
  • Besichtigung des Punakha Dzong
  • Besuch des Chimi Lhakhang Tempels in Punakha
  • Besuch einer einheimischen Familie mit Abendesssen in Paro
  • Wanderung zum Tigernest / Kloster Taktsang

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6x Mittelklasse-Hotel
Die Unterbringung erfolgt im Doppelzimmer (Mehrbettzimmer gegebenenfalls möglich). Alleinreisende teilen sich das Zimmer mit einem/einer Mitreisenden des gleichen Geschlechts. Gegen Aufpreis ist auch die Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer buchbar (vorbehaltlich Verfügbarkeit). EZ-Zuschlag auf Anfrage.


6x Frühstück, 6x Mittagessen, 6x Abendessen


Englischsprachiger Reiseleiter und örtliche Guides

Hinter jeder Reise steht ein großartiger Reiseleiter. Der Enthusiasmus und das fast unschlagbare Wissen unserer einheimischen und englischsprachigen Reiseleiter werden deine Reise unvergesslich machen. Mit Rat und Tat stehen sie den Reisenden zur Seite. Vom Anfang bis zum Ende der Tour sind sie vor Ort für die Gruppe da, wissen nicht nur, in welchen Restaurants man gut isst und wo die besten Shops zu finden sind, sondern zeigen den Reisenden mit Kompetenz und voller Begeisterung ihre Heimat.



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1. Tag: Paro - Thimphu

After arrival at Paro Airport and sailing through immigration and custom formalities, you will be greeted by your guide and driver and warmly welcomed to the enchanting Land of the Thunder Dragon. Drive for two hours alongside mountains, rivers, and fields of red rice to Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city. After lunch we may visit Nado Poizokhang Incense Factory, Bhutan’s famous traditional incense maker and the colorful Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Centre. Once everyone has arrived, we'll have a joining meeting and dinner before we wander and explore the fascinating streets of Thimphu, the world’s only capital city without a traffic light!

Special Information: Travel in Bhutan is strictly controlled and to do any independent travel outside of a group tour is extremely difficult and expensive to arrange. We provide a group visa for travellers on our tours in Bhutan, which stipulates that all travellers must arrive and depart on the same days that our tour program starts and finishes. For this reason we are generally not able to provide additional accommodation outside of our tour dates and advise all travellers to book flights in and out of Bhutan that correspond with the start and finish day of the tour. In the rare case that no flights are available and you need to arrive earlier or depart later we are only able to book additional accommodation for you in conjunction with a special individual visa which can add around AUD1000 to the cost of your tour, to be paid at the time of booking.

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

2. Tag: Thimphu

Today begins with a pleasant rural walk that meanders gently up the valley through paddy fields, pristine woodlands and a Tibetan village. We’ll walk along a trail to Pangri Zampa Gompa. Spot Bhutanese chortens on the riverside route and pass through the villages of Choku and Begana.
Cross a cantilevered bridge, and climb uphill for around an hour uphill to the monastery. Cheri Dorji Dhen was built in 1620 by Shabdrung, the first ruler of Bhutan, who also established the first order of monks here. At the bottom of the hill, a picnic lunch will be waiting for us along the riverside. Drive back to Thimphu for an afternoon of sightseeing. There is much to see! We will visit the National Memorial Chorten, a shrine built in the memory of the 3rd King, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Many Thimphu residents consider this to be the heart and soul of Thimphu and gather here every day to pray and walk clockwise around the chorten. Afterwards, visit Drubthob Nunnery, and then the Choki Traditional Art School where students follow an eight-year program in traditional arts, such as drawing, painting, woodcarving, and sculpture. No tour of Thimphu is complete without a visit to the incredible National Textile Museum. Some shopping time if you wish is available at the National Handicrafts Emporium which offers high quality traditional goods, and a small family-run enterprise which manufactures paper and paper products using traditional methods.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Thimphu - National Memorial Chorten
Thimphu - Village walk & picnic lunch
Thimphu - Choki Traditional Art School
Thimphu - Drubthob Nunnery
Thimphu - National Textile Museum

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

3. Tag: Punakha

Leave Thimpu this morning and drive to Punakha (approx. 4 hours) the ancient winter capital of Bhutan. En-route stop at Dochu-La pass (10,000ft/3,048m) for a breathtaking view the eastern Himalayas, including Bhutan's highest mountain, the majestic Gangkar Punsum (24,770ft/7,550m.) The road descends through varied and ever-changing forest, emerging into the highly cultivated Punakha valley. Take a short walk to visit Chimi Lhakhang, a fertility temple built in 1499 by lama Drukpa Kunley (charmingly known as “The Divine Madman.”) On this site, The Divine Madman subdued the Demoness of the Dochu-La using his “magic thunderbolt of wisdom,” (also known as “his phallus.”) A wooden effigy of the Lama’s “thunderbolt” is preserved in the Lhakhang. Traditionally, childless women have visited this temple to receive a wang (blessing) from the saint. Our trail leads across rice fields to the tiny settlement of Pana. There are few young monks at the temple, which is surrounded by a row of prayer wheels and some very beautiful slate carvings.
In Punakha, we’ll visit the impressive Punakha Dzong. With its three towers, and wonderful location at the confluence of two rivers, it is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Bhutan’s 21 Dzongs.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Punakha Valley - Chimi Lhakhang

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

4. Tag: Punakha

After breakfast, explore this small town with your leader on an orientation walk. Head down to the convergence of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu Rivers, two of the main rivers of Bhutan. There are lovely views of the majestic Punakha Dzong. This fine Dzong was constructed around 1639 and due to its location the Dzong has flooded several times in its history and also partially destroyed by fire in the 1980's. Be sure to keep an eye out for the cantilever brdige spanning the river. After lunch undertake an optional hike (approx. 1 hour) to visit the Khamsum Yulley Monastery. Its an uphill climb but the views from the top make it worthwhile. As with many monasteries in Bhutan, our leader will need to hunt around for the caretaker with the keys to have a look inside.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Punakha - Punakha Dzong

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

5. Tag: Thimpu - Paro

This morning head back over the Dochu-La and continue to Thimphu (approx. 4 hrs). This is a good chance to relax and refresh. The roads in Bhutan are narrow and whilst the distances are not great, due to the nature of the roads and the many valleys they pass through travelling can take some time. After lunch in Thimpu, continue by vehicle into the Paro Valley. Its a long day of driving. This evening experience home-cooked meals and a friendly atmosphere and a traditional meal at Tshering Farm House and try your hand at Bhutan's national sport with a mini archery lesson.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Paro - Home cooked dinner & family visit

Fahrzeit: ca. 4 Std.

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

6. Tag: Tigernest Kloster - Paro

After an early breakfast we drive up to the starting point and prepare for our hike to the legendary Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) - a magnificent monastery, clinging on a rock cliff 900 meters above the valley floor. The legend dating back to 747 AD has it that the Great Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhawa) flew here from northeast Bhutan on the back of a tigress to subdue the demons of Paro Valley. The guru then meditated in the holy cave that is the site of the Pelphug Lhakhang today. According to Tantric Buddhist mythology, the vanquished local deities became the protectors of the dharma and one of them, Singey Samdrup, is recognised today as the guardian deity of Taktsang. Guru Rinpoche is also believed to have concealed among the rocks of Taktsang various forms of Dharma treasures known as Ters, which were destined to be discovered later by Tertons (treasure discoverers) for the propagation of Dharma. Taktsang was severely damaged by fire on Sunday 19th April 1998. The king commanded its immediate restoration soon after the fire. The royal command dictated that the original aura, authenticity and architectural splendor must be preserved at all costs. This project has been widely seen as an act of devotion involving all sections of Bhutanese society and as homage to the nation's cultural heritage. It also proved to be an opportunity for Bhutan's traditional artists and craftsmen to hone the skills inherited from their forefathers down the ages. In order to facilitate the restoration work, a road was built to the base of the mountain facing the temple. We drive to the end of this road and begin our hike up the mountain for a closer view of the temple. After approximately an hour walking uphill, we reach a small teahouse that has a wonderful panoramic view of the temple. Its the ideal place to enjoy lunch. For those interested, it is possible to get a closer view by hiking another 45 minutes to an hour (each direction) to reach the small chorten directly across from the temple. Anyone not interested in hiking any further can relax at the teahouse and enjoy the view. It total it will about 5 to 6 hours to get back to the car including all stops if you choose to walk the full way.

Special Information: Todays hike is quite challenging and good quality, comfortable shoes/sneakers are required. Please remember to drink lots of water and wear layers as it gets quite cold. Don't forget a sunhat. Remember you are at 3120 metres above sea level so take your time.

Enthaltene Aktivitäten:
Paro - Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Monastery hike

Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück, 1x Mittagessen, 1x Abendessen

7. Tag: Paro

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel before a departure transfer to Paro airport for your flight out of Bhutan.

Special Information: Due to group visa requirements, all travellers are required to leave Bhutan on the same day.

Verpflegung: 1x Frühstück

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